Our Mission

• To consider the safety of passengers, and employees to be the first priority in all operations and services.
• To provide clients with impeccable services and products that meet superior standards.
• To be the one of the best companies whereby employees are treated as part of a big family.
• To generate sustainable financial results and increasing value for our shareholders.
• To conduct our business to the highest ethical and professional standards ,based on hard and efficient training

Our Vision

SkyBird is committed to be one of the major players in the charter operations in the region and to offer a global charter airline standard.

Our Values

  • Safety conscious

    SkyBird firmly believes that Safety is the core business process to fulfill efficient, and profitable Air Transport services.
    Safety shall be enforced as the primary task of all managers and employees. SkyBird safety culture is based on transparency, non-punitive policy that encourages voluntary reporting of errors and hazards. SkyBird shall strive to continually monitor, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of its Safety processes.

  • Hardworking

    It means one team, working together towards a common goal. Whether it’s meeting our on time performance and the 30 minutes turnaround time, or making sure we keep you connected to the desired destinations at affordable prices.

  • Fun

    Fun means we celebrate life. It means smiling is part of our nature, and we can be our own unique selves .We are social identity and we enjoy sharing ideas and solutions to make things even better. After all, fun is meant to be shared.

  • Caring

    It’s a warm and friendly feeling to have, so we take pleasure in caring for our passengers in ways that make them feel comfortable. Caring begins with our staff. We create an environment where everyone is respected, empowered, and has an opportunity to grow.

  • Full of integrity

    We believe everything that is worth doing, is worth doing right. SkyBird shall adhere to moral codes of transparent honesty and complete harmony in what one thinks, says, and does. It’s about us. Integrity is the corner stone of our culture.